Shirts, Shirts and even more Shirts!

Shirts are my go to piece of clothing as they can be easily be dressed up and can be worn very casually. I would highly assume that shirts are a staple piece in many people’s wardrobe because of how versatile they are. Personally, my favourite type of shirt has got to be an oversized shirt, as they  are suited to all body shapes and sizes, due to the fact that they aren’t clingy to certain areas for instance the tummy or arms, resulting in the shirt hanging off of the upper body which I find really flattering. So I felt it was only right for me to compile list of my top four favourite shirts to wear.

The “Plain Black” shirt 

2014-12-17 17.36.57

This is a shirt I wear on multiple occasions, as it is plain black, which is known to go with any colour, it is effortlessly easy to make the most of wearing this shirt for instance for an evening out to dinner, I team this shirt with either dark navy or black skinny jeans and a pair of dolly shoes. To dress the outfit up more, I tend to wear a necklace preferably gold, to glamorize the entire outfit. For an extra glam look, you can wear a pair of heels with either skinny jeans or a cute skirt. I purchased this plain black sheer chiffon shirt from Primark for £9 which I found a bargain due to how durable and versatile it is.

The “Floral Patterned” shirt

2014-12-17 16.09.04

I mainly wore this shirt during the summer, as the floral pattern on the shirt resonated well with that season. My favourite thing about this shirt is that the base colour is black, which helps bring the colours of the flowers and leaves out a lot more, making more of a statement. As it is quite a statement piece, jewellery such as a necklace is not needed, as I feel it would get lost in the shirt or just look like too much is going on, on top. During the summer, I usually wore this with a pair of dark navy denim skinny jeans, as well as my dark navy denim ripped skinny jeans with plain black pumps and sandals, which was a lovely complementary look. This shirt was bought at Primark for £12.

The “Tartan patterned” shirt

2014-12-17 17.37.34

This is a sheer chiffon tartan patterned oversized shirt that I have quite recently purchased from once again Primark (I buy a majority of my shirts from there haha) for £12. I gravitated instantly to this shirt in particularly because with the change of season from summer to autumn, the colours resonated incredibly well with that transition. When I envision colours and patterns associated with the season autumn, burgundy, purple, orange, navy, tartan come to mind, so I felt the pattern and colours of the shirt were very fitting. I usually team this shirt up with black skinny jeans and my tanned brown, quilted leather boots which coordinate effortlessly together as an outfit.

The “Monochrome” shirt

2014-12-17 17.35.55

Even though I am quite a fan of colourful patterned shirts, I also adore the plain and simplistic look, which this shirt embodies. Monochrome is another colour combination that I consider quite classic and chic. The horizontal stripes on the shirt gives it quite an edgy feel to it. This is one of my favourite shirts to wear as it makes make look much slender and looks flattering upon my upper body. I usually wear this shirt with black skinny jeans and a pair of black leather ankle boots, which gives them a casual grungy look to the entire outfit. This shirt was bought recently from Primark for £12.


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