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It’s the eighth day of the first month of the year, which I feel has come around rather quickly and yesterday I had finally taken down all the christmas decorations and the tree. Those glorious two weeks of Christmas and New Years celebrations flew by so quickly, just like the year 2014 did. 2014 although it felt short, was a pretty good year for me. The main highlights for me were I was finally able to see Beyonce live in concert, which I have wanted to do for years and I wasn’t disappointed.

In June, I went on a two week holiday to the USA, where I went to three of my dream destinations, New York, Orlando and Los Angeles. It was a great trip and to this day, it feels so surreal that I have actually managed to go there. I went with one of my closest friends, it was a 21st birthday/graduation present to ourselves to mark liberation and the beginning of our post graduate lives. What topped off that trip, was finding out I graduated with great degree classification which was beyond my exceptations.

As it is a new year,  I only hope that it is able to be as good as the previous year or exceeds it. How I hope to acheive this is by setting myself the task of acheiving the following goals.

1) Getting a internship/job in the field of marketing (particularly digital marketing)

It’s been seven months since I have graduated from university and I haven’t managed to land either a internship or a graduate job which has been demotivating and exhausting, however I have no choice but to persevere through the drought until what I want comes along. Hopefully it is sooner than I imagine.

2) Lead more of an active and healthier lifestyle.

Ever since coming back from my semester abroad in the South of France, in 2013, I have managed to improve my relationship with food and it is much healthier, as a result of this I have managed to lose quite a bit of weight, which I struggled to do prior to that experience and I have no intention of looking back. My confidence has improved but I still have a long way to go. So I aim to exercise alot more and continue to make even more healthier eating choices.

3) Read more books

When I was a little girl, I was a bookworm. Up until Year 10 in secondary school, my interest in reading novels decreased and I would only read occasionally. However as of late, I’ve been reading a lot more and my love for reading novels has been revived. I’m currently reading a book that I am completely engrossed in and I have a que of books waiting to be read so a lot of reading will be happening this year.

4) Book a last minute trip abroad

Coming back from my trip to the US, I have an even bigger passion for travel and I am still thriving for adventure. Although my funds aren’t ideal at the moment, I’m hoping to save enough money from my current job to book a last minute holiday to Barcelona or to visit where I lived for five months in the South of France, Juan Les Pins as it is such a gorgeous town and has easily accessible transport links to other parts of the South of France such as Cannes, Monaco, Antibes and Nice which I would love to visit again, only this time with my family.

Those are four of my main goals for this year and I hope I am able to fulfill acheiving each one of those goals and that this year is able to top 2014.


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