A “Shrek” – taculor day out

Earlier on today, my friend and I visited Shrek’s Adventure at London Bridge, it is located right beside the famous attraction, the London Dungeons.

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It was definitely a great day to go because the weather was lovely with blissful sunshine, hardly any clouds in the sky and temperatures reaching 26 degrees.

All the staff that work at the experience are incredibly friendly and helpful. You are greeted with cheery and smiley faces, which really sets the mood of the experience.

The best way to describe the experience is that it is a highly interactive tour with a typical fun fairytale plot line. My favorite part of the tour was definitely the beginning part which consisted of being seated on a 4D bus and virtually travelling from London South Bank to the land of Far Far Away, you even get to ride alongside characters from other DreamWorks movies such as Kung Fu Panda.

The tour after that consisted of making our way to different checkpoints where you are in the presence of well known characters from the Shrek films. The actors were very convincing, comedic and engaged well with the tour group, those sections of the tour were the most interactive as the characters would get someone from the group involved by giving them a specific item to pass onto the next character we would come across, which was really fun and exciting for the kids that got to participate.

The tour lasts for about 1 hour 30 minutes. At the end, you get a photo opportunity with Shrek and characters from other Dream Works films, which was fun to do and it was nice to see the joy on the faces of the little kids, as they got the chance to meet their favourite animated characters.

You can also purchase a travel journal, which is essentially a photo album that includes photos that you have taken of yourself and whoever you came along with, throughout the tour that cost £25 and the second copy costs £20. The exit is as usual with these type of experiences, through a gift shop which sells various amounts of merchandise from the Dream Works films.

On the door, an admission ticket costs £26 but if you book online, you get 10% off which I did, resulting in only having to pay £23.40 which I found was a decent price for the experience I had.

I would highly recommend this experience for big kids like myself and for a family day out in London, especially as the summer holidays for the little children is around the corner.


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