A Dinner Date at GBK + OOTD

On Thursday, I arranged a dinner date at Gourmet Burger Kitchen with my friend that I hardly get to see these days because she is working hard at university, she was back in London for three weeks and it was her last week of the summer holidays before she would have to head back for her placement. I was in the mood for chowing down on a burger so I felt it was only right that we went to GBK for our catch – up. Gourmet Burger Kitchen is one of my favourite burger places to go to as it is reasonably affordable; the customer service is really good as the staffs are very welcoming and helpful.

Last but not least the burgers taste SO good, I ordered the 6oz cheese beef burger, the biggest burger they do as I was really hungry, it comes with house mayo, relish, salad and you have the choice of three different types of cheese to have on your burger. Mature cheddar, Smoked Applewood and American cheese, I decided to go with the American cheese and I was not disappointed.

I ordered a side of skinny fries, which were really thin and long but tasted so delicious. For a beverage I ordered a bottle of sprite which went well with the meal. The total cost of the meal came up to £13.35 which is reasonably priced for the quality of food we received so if you are on a budget, I would highly recommend GBK for a reasonably affordably, tasty and hearty meal out.


After our delicious and satisfying meal, I thought it would be nice to have photos taken of the outfit I wore that day to share on this blog as I really liked it. I wore a short sleeved, white coloured, floral lacy top with some cute fringing at the bottom of the top, I had to wear a vest underneath because otherwise you would you be able to see under the top, which I can only classify as inappropriate haha. I purchased the top from George at ASDA for £12, it was flattering and loose.


My light blue cropped denim jeans which feature some ripped detailing was purchased from Next for £22, they slip on really easily and they are extremely comfortable to wear.

My leather bag was purchased from the website La Redoute, it was originally my mums’ but I liked it so much that I bought it off her. She got it in the sale for £35. It’s a sophisticated and stylish bag that can dress up an entire outfit which I love so much about it and it is also quite spacious inside.


Lastly, my shoes are white, with a bow and floral lacy embroidery all over, which happens to match the top I was wearing so it complemented the entire outfit very well. I bought these shoes from the one and only Primark for I think £6 (I bought them a while back)

Thought I would feature my friend on the blog, as you can see she looked sophisticatedly chic. She also has a blog you can check out below, she blogs about everything and provides a lot of helpful advice and tips that we all need.


Link: https://strawberry293.wordpress.com/


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