A spot of afternoon tea at The Soho Hotel

This week, I thought it would be lovely to have a nice lengthy catch – up with one of my friends over a spot of afternoon tea at the Soho Hotel in Central london. As there is quite a bit of construction work going on in the Tottenham Court Road/Oxford Street area, it was quite difficult to find at first. As soon as we turned round the corner and saw the entrance of the hotel, it looked as prestige as I imagined. I won’t lie, I did feel a bit out of place on entry of the hotel because of how overwhelming luxurious it looked at first glance.

Everyone we came across at the hotel were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic, which helped make me feel much more comfortable in this unfamiliar setting. We were escorted to the afternoon tea room by a lovely waiter. As you can see from the pictures displayed below, the deco of the room was very funky and vibrant but also has an creative/artistic flair to it, which I found fascinating. It is definitely a room with a lot of character.The seating area was very comfortable and gave off a homey vibe which was chilled and relaxing.






The waiter explained to us how the afternoon tea worked and left us to decide on what beverage we would like to accompany the assortment of sweet and savoury bites that we would be served. The waiter informed us that the menu changes every month so this month the sweet treats side of the menu consisted of a mini banoffee pot, chocolate orange and chilli profiterole, raspberry cupcake topped with lemon flavoured cream, an apple and blackberry crumble tartlet and plain and sultana scones with sides of clotted cream and jam. They all tasted pretty good but my favourite treat from the sweet side of the menu would have to be the plain scones with the clotted cream and jam, as it tasted so delightful and it was quite moist in the middle which I loved, as it went soft quickly in my mouth and it had the right amount of sweetness to it.

Another favourite was the chocolate orange and chilli profiterole. Personally I love the taste of chocolate and orange together and in this case the combination was even more delicious, you could even taste the chilli in the cream but as it wasn’t overpowering, it was so scrumptious. The pieces of chilli used to top the profiterole, was coated in sugar so it didn’t really taste like chilli. The profiterole was also topped with popping candy which was a surprise, as I suddenly started to hear popping noises whenever I opened and closed my mouth aha.

The savoury bites side of the menu consisted of a mini egg royale coated in hollandaise sauce, pulled pork and bbq mayonnaise finger sandwich, a halloumi and roasted vegetable skewer coated in basil pesto and a slow cooked duck slider with sweet chilli sauce. My favourite bite from the savoury side of the menu would have to be the pulled pork and bbq mayonnaise finger sandwich, as it was basically a really tasty miniature burger you can just pop into your mouth aha.

Bellini with a flower on top
Sweet and savoury treats
scones coated with icing sugar

As it was afternoon tea, we thought it was only right that we selected tea to drink from the range of hot beverages they had to offer. I decided to go with Earl Grey tea, as I have never tried Earl Grey tea before so felt it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted lovely, aromatic, felt light on the tongue and felt very refreshing. This whole menu including the choice of hot beverage comes up to £22.50 per person but if you want to add a bellini to the afternoon tea, it will cost £25 per person which we got. The bellini tasted lemon flavoured mixed with prosecco, it was a nice combination as it had a sweet taste but also had a bit of sourness to it.

Teacup with a small sieve
Jug full of milk, sugar and a teapot full of Earl Grey Tea

The afternoon tea was better than I excepted and I think that it was good value for money, as we got quite a lot for what it costed. I would definitely go again especially because they change the menu each month, so it would be great to see what they come up with next. I would highly recommend this hotel, if you are looking for a reasonably priced place to go for afternoon tea in the city, with a creative and delicious tasting menu.


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