Lipsticks: The Sleek Look

I’m an amateur when it comes to purchasing and applying lipsticks so it only makes sense that I’ve started off my lipstick journey with a well known drugstore make – up brand called Sleek Makeup. I remember meeting up with one of my friends and I was extremely fond of the lip colour she had on. She recommended the lipstick to me, it was called Sleek True Colour Lipstick in the shade “Dare”. To this day it is probably my most favourite lipstick shade I own.

When I purchased the shade “Dare” for an affordable price of £4.99, I fell in love with the colour even more and instantaneously wanted to purchase more colours. It looks like a mix of dark red and brown and I feel it really suits me when applied, hence it’s my favourite shade.



The two other shades I’ve purchased from Sleek are two different shades of red. “Vixen” which is quite a bold and bright shade of red, it is also sheen so it has that glossy effect. It is so easy and soft to apply to the lips, it is very pigmented and leaves your lips feeling moisturised which I love.


“Russian Roulette” is a much deeper shade of red and is matte so it has a more velvet look to it which I love. The lipstick is extremely pigmented and has full coverage. It also lasts for quite a long time on the lips. It does tend to rub off when eating or drinking but it isn’t a substantial amount. This is my second favourite shade from the true color lipsticks range as I feel it really compliments my skin tone like the shade “Dare” does.


I would highly recommend going to any Sleek makeup counter/display if you are new to the lipstick realm or even experienced especially the “True Color Lipstick” range, as they are pretty affordable, the packaging is very compact and chic looking, they have a variety of different shades which cater to all skin tones, the shades are very pigmented, long – lasting and also contain vitamin E which is an added benefit.





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