Museum of colourful, bright lights!!!

Last Saturday, I meet up with my friend from Singapore, that was visiting London for the first time and a friend from university.  We planned beforehand to visit ‘God’s Own Junkyard’. I first came across this place, when I saw someone on twitter post a picture of themselves with neon signage in the background and I thought that it was such an amazing photo, that I wanted to visit that place myself. 

‘God’s Own Junkyard’ is a storage space in Walthamstow, London, the closest tube station is Walthamstow Central. It is a good 15 minute walk to the lockup from the station. Except to walk along some residential streets to get to it. It is free to visit, you don’t have to pay an entry fee. 

It contains a plethora of colourful, neon signages from big brands, quotes, pop culture and various other subjects. Although it looks small from the outside, it is reasonably quite big when you enter it. There is a small cafe inside and a seating area, with the amazing backdrop of neon lighting. Also you are only allowed to take photos on your phone. My friend was told to put her professional camera away aha. 


It provides such a beautiful backdrop for photos and it is just a great sight to behold. So if you are ever in London and you want to visit a place that isn’t in central London, that is cool, quirky and picturesque, I would highly recommend visiting this place!! 


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